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Down to date 1Z0-520 Simple Questions Latest Practice Test Questions VCE PDF Dumps

Qustion No. 1

In the Descriptive Flexfield (DFF. implementation, the purpose of the "Synchronize check box is to synchronize . 

A. the DFF Values with the Reference field 

B. the DFF Contexts with the Reference field 

C. the DFF Attributes with the Reference field 

D. the DFF Segments with the Reference field 

E. the DFF Value Sets with the Reference field 

Answer: B 


Qustion No. 2

Two Customer Service Representatives each book a sales order for an item that is revision and lot controlled. There are no other open, active sales orders for this item. Each Customer Service Representative pick releases their order to the same warehouse independently. The Pick Release Rule used by both includes Auto Allocation. On the resulting Move Orders, Inventory has allocated all the requested quantity for one of the sales orders, but only half the requested quantity on the second sales order was available to be allocated. Using the Transact Move Orders form, which action sequence can the warehouse person use to reduce the allocation on the first Move Order so that both customer orders can be equally satisfied? 

A. 1. View/Update Allocations; 

2. Change the allocated Revision and Quantity values, as appropriate. 

B. 1. View/Update Allocations; 

2. Change the allocated Revision and Quantity values; 

3. Change the allocated Lot and Quantity values, as appropriate. 

C. 1. View/Update Allocations; 

2. Change the allocated Lot and Quantity values, as appropriate; 

3. Select the appropriate Missing Quantity Action. 

D. 1. View/Update Allocations; 

2. Change the allocated Revision and Quantity values, as appropriate; 

3. Change the Destination Subinventory. 

Answer: C 


Qustion No. 3

Your client wants approvals for Move Orders to occur after 30 days. Based on the Move Order approval workflow, how would you enter the values for Move Order Timeout Period and Move Order Timeout Action? 

A. Timeout Period = 30, Action = Reject Automatically 

B. Timeout Period = 15, Action = Reject Automatically 

C. Timeout Period = 0, Action = Approve Automatically 

D. Timeout Period = 30, Action = Approve Automatically 

E. Timeout Period = 10, Action = Approve Automatically 

F. Timeout Period = 15, Action = Approve Automatically 

Answer: F 


Qustion No. 4

Your client requires Org A to supply Org B with inventory on a need basis. The Internal Order flag is checked. An internal requisition has been created and approved. What type of receipt would Org B have to perform to receive the goods? 

A. RMA receipt 

B. Inter-Org Transfer 

C. Account Alias receipt 

D. Purchase Order receipt 

E. Receipt by Shipment Number 

Answer: E 


Qustion No. 5

Company XYZ manufactures three different types of PC monitors. 

Type 1 is a unique requirement for the local college called Northern College. 

Shipments of Type 1 to other customers are not allowed. 

This item is stored only in a subinventory called MODEL 1. 

Other models are also stored in this same subinventory. 

The other two types (Type 2 and Type 3) can be shipped to any other customer, including 

Northern College. Which conditions are mandatory for the Picking rule (rule) to meet these requirements? 

A. Transaction type of Sales Order. Rule assigned to Northern College. 

B. Subinventory as MODEL 1. Rule assigned to customer Northern College. 

C. Subinventory as MODEL 1. Rule assigned to Type 1, and customer as Northern College. 

D. Subinventory as MODEL 1. Rule assigned to Type 1, and transaction type as Sales Order. 

E. Subinventory as MODEL 1. Rule assigned to Type 1, transaction type as Sales Order, and customer Northern College. 

Answer: E 


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