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Renew 1z0-054 Simple Questions Latest Practice Test Questions VCE PDF Dumps

Qustion No. 1

View the Exhibit and examine the content of the V$MEMORY_RESIZE_OPS view.Which two conclusions can you draw? (Choose two.)


A. Automatic Memory Management (AMM) is enabled.

B. Automatic Shared Memory Management (ASMM) is enabled but not AMM.

C. The Shared Pool grew in IMMEDIATE mode to avoid an out-of-memory error.

D. The Default Buffer Cache grew in DEFERRED mode to avoid an out-of-memory error.

E. The memory is transferred in IMMEDIATE mode only if there are entirely empty granules available in other components.

Answer: AC


Qustion No. 2

You work on an online transaction processing (OLTP) database in which the SALES table has 10,000 rows but only four distinct products are sold. View the Exhibit named HIST to check data distribution in the table and the histograms on the table.

View the Exhibit named QUERY-1 that shows details in the V$SQL view for the query executed on the SALES table having product id 1.

Further, you query the SALES table thrice more in the following order:

- query rows having product ID 4

- query rows having product ID 2

- query rows having product ID 4

View the Exhibit named QUERY-n to see the details about these queries.

What do you infer from this?

A. The second plan was created because the first plan was aged out.

B. The CURSOR_SHARING parameter value was changed to EXACT after the second query was executed.

C. The third plan was created because the first plan was aged out and the second plan had different selectivity.

D. The first two executions used the same plan because at parse time the optimizer did not consider selectivity as the cursor was not yet considered bind-aware.

Answer: D


Qustion No. 3

Your database supports many applications running on the middle tier. Many applications users create jobs for which you want to statistically measure workload as a part of performance management.

What would you do to accomplish the task?

A. Assign resource consumer group to jobs while creating the jobs.

B. Create services for the applications and create jobs by using the DBMS_JOBS PL/SQL package.

C. Query v$SESSION to gather statistics of the individual sessions for the workload created by the jobs.

D. Create services for the applications, create job class associated with the service, and then create jobs by using the job classes.

Answer: D


Qustion No. 4

View the Exhibit and examine the content of the V$SGA_RESIZE_OPS view.

You executed the following command to increase the size of the Large Pool:

SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET large_pool_size=8M;

System altered.

Which component would shrink to increase the size of the Large Pool?


A. the Java Pool

B. the Shared Pool

C. KEEP Buffer Cache

D. Default Buffer Cache

Answer: D


Qustion No. 5

Examine the following information from the AWR report:

Top 5 Timed Events

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ % Total

Event Waits Time (s) Call Time

-------------------------------------- ------------ ----------- ---------

CPU time 559 88.80

log file parallel write 2.181 28 4.42

SQL*Net more data from client 516.611 27 4.24

db file parallel write 13.383 13 2.04

db file sequential read 563 2 .27

Which could cause waits on the db file sequential read event?

A. too many full table scans

B. too large a database buffer cache

C. too many waits occurring while reading multiple blocks synchronously

D. too many index range scans occurring which refers to blocks not in the database buffer cache

Answer: D


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