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Renovate 1Z0-547 Simple Questions Latest Practice Test Questions VCE PDF Dumps

Qustion No. 1

Log devices can be tuned using the synchronous write bias property by selecting values of latency, throughput, or read-only mode? 

A. True 

B. False 

Answer: B 

Explanation: TheSynchronous write biasproperty has no read-only mode. 


*Synchronous writes are optimized for latency, leveraging the 

dedicated log device(s), if any. 


Synchronous writes are optimized for throughput.Data is written to the primary data disks instead of the log device(s), and the writes are performed in a way that optimizes for total bandwidth of the system. 

Note:This setting controls the behavior when servicing synchronous writes. By default, the system optimizes synchronous writes for latency, which leverages the log devices to provide fast response times. In a system with multiple disjoint filesystems, this can cause contention on the log devices that can increase latency across all consumers. Even with multiple filesystems requesting synchronous semantics, it may be the case that some filesystems are more latency-sensitive than others. A common case is a database that has a separate log. The log is extremely latency sensitive, and while the database itself also requires synchronous semantics, it is heavier bandwidth and not latency sensitive. In this environment, setting this property to 'throughput' on the main database while leaving the log filesystem as 'latency' can result in significant performance improvements.Note that this setting will change behavior even when no log devices are present, though the effects may be less dramatic. 

Reference: Sun ZFS Storage 7000 System Administration Guide, Synchronous write bias 


Qustion No. 2

Replication is supported for which three of the following? 



C. Shares (CIFS or NFS) 

D. Infiniband 

E. FCoE 

Answer: A,B,C 



Qustion No. 3

A clustered controller must contain spare resources (such as networking ports) to accommodate a failover. 

A. True 

B. False 

Answer: B 

Explanation: Network device, datalink, and interface failures do not cause the clustering subsystem to consider a head to have failed. To protect against network failures a whether inside or outside the appliance a IPMP and/or LACP should be used instead. These network configuration options, along with a broader network-wide plan for redundancy, are orthogonal to clustering and are additional components of a comprehensive approach to availability improvement. 

Reference: Sun ZFS Storage 7000 System Administration Guide,Clustering Considerations forNetworking 


Qustion No. 4

Which is likely to be the fastest storage profile for random disk IOPS? 

A. RAID-Z1: single parity RAID 

B. RAID-Z2: double parity RAID 

C. RAID-Z3: triple parity RAID 

D. RAID-ZR: random parity RAID 

E. mirroring 

Answer: A 


Qustion No. 5

Which of the following is required in order to bind a 7000-series system to an LDAP server? 

A. A self-signed Certificate 

B. A Base Search DN (Distinguished Name) 

C. LDAP Proxy Server 

D. A password for the LDAP Proxy Server 

Answer: B 

Explanation: Base search DN: Distinguished name of the base object, the starting point for directory searches. 


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