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Leading 1Z0-581 Simple Questions Latest Practice Test Questions VCE PDF Dumps

Qustion No. 1

Data Protection Manager gives you the capability to schedule backups of the application data on regular basis. Identify the name for the scheduled backups. 

A. checkpoints 

B. consistency groups 

C. point-in-time backups 

D. application-aware backup 

Answer: D 

Explanation: The Pillar Axiom Data Protection Manager (DPM) is an application that manages applicationaware backup and recovery for the Pillar Axiom 600 system. 

Reference: Pillar Axiom Data Protection Manager, User's Guide 


Qustion No. 2

Which methods are available to the storage administrator for checking events? 

A. Email Alerts 


C. Event Viewer 

D. Viewing the ASSM Event Logs 

E. Viewing var/log/syslog on the Pilot 

F. Viewing var/log/dmesg on the Pilot 

Answer: A,D 

Explanation: A: Create event notifications so that you are notified when specific events occur in 

the Pillar Axiom system. You can specify the types of system events that trigger 

alerts as well as designate the recipients who receive the notices. 

1 From the Monitor tab, click Event Notification. 

2 Choose Actions > Create Event Notification. 

3 Enter a name for the event notification in the Name field. 

4 Enter a description in the Description field. 

5 To enable the notification, select Enable Event Notification. 

6 From the Monitored Events list, select the events for which you want to 

trigger the notification. 


To be notified of any login failures, in the event tree, navigate down to the 

Informational > Audit list. Select the Login Failed item and then click the rightfacing 

arrow to move the item to the Monitored Events column. 

7 To add one or more event notification recipients, click Add. 

8 Enter the email address of each notification recipient. 

D: Display the Event Log 

Review the event log to monitor events that have occurred in the Pillar Axiom 

system. If too many events display on the screen, you can apply filters to the list. 

1 From the Monitor tab, click Event Log. 

2 Review the event log details to ensure that the information is what you 


Reference:Pillar Axiom Administrator's Guide,Create an Event Notification 


Qustion No. 3

Identify two tasks involved when staging the Axiom update software. 

A. uploading the software package to the pilot 

B. validating the uploaded software package 

C. installing the software update package to a temporary directory 

D. converting the software update to a proper format 

Answer: A,B 

Explanation: A: You can download from the Customer Support portal the latest software and firmware updates. Upload the Software Package After downloading a software update package, you can stage it on the Pilot management controller to prepare the system for the software update. You can perform the update immediately or schedule the update for a later time. 

B: Confirm the Upgrade Paths 

You can review the software packages from which you can upgrade the Pillar 

Axiom system. 

From the Support tab, click Software Modules. 

2 Choose Actions > View Upgrade Paths to Staged Package. 

3 Review the upgrade path information provided on the screen. 

Note: If the list shows more than one upgrade version, install the earliest 

software version first, followed by the subsequent versions. 

Reference: Pillar Axiom Administrator's Guide, About Updating the Pillar Axiom Software 


Qustion No. 4

Where does the AxiomONE Data Protection Manager records its events? 

A. the system event log 

B. the log file on the host 

C. the Event Viewer 

D. the/var/log/syslog file on the Pilot 

Answer: A 

Explanation: Display the Event Log Review the event log to monitor events that have occurred in the Pillar Axiom system. If too many events display on the screen, you can apply filters to the list. 1 From the Monitor tab, click Event Log. 2 Review the event log details to ensure that the information is what you expect. 

Note: Event logs display the system events of a Pillar Axiom system. Events include management actions such as the creation or deletion of LUNs and any problems encountered by the Pillar Axiom system, such as hardware issues or other problems detected in the Slammer or the Pillar Axiom management software. 

Reference: Pillar Axiom Administrator's Guide,Display the Event Log 


Qustion No. 5

What does the pooled RAID 10 feature do within the Axiom? 

A. doubles the read performance 

B. creates RAID10volumes on the same spindles that the RAID5 volumes reside in 

C. can survive a failure of six drives in a Brick 

D. dedicates an entire Brick to RAID10 

E. dedicates the Slammer cache for RAID10volumes 

Answer: B 

Explanation: Rooled RAID-10 The OLD WAY: an entire disk is allocated to a specific RAID Group with a specific RAID Level RESULT: Poor Utilization Rates 

The APPLICATION AWARE WAY: a volume is created across lots of disks across the appropriate QoS bands with RAID-5 or RAID-10 concurrently on the same disk RESULT: Benchmarked over 110% FASTER Random Write Performance AND Industry Leading Utilization Rates 


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