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Qustion No. 1

While deploying a new application module, the software vendor ships the application software along with appropriate SQL plan baselines for the new SQLs being introduced. 

Which two statements describe the consequences? (Choose two.)

A. The plan baselines can be evolved over time to produce better performance.

B. The newly generated plans are directly placed into the SQL plan baseline without being verified.

C. The new SQL statements initially run with the plans that are known to produce good performance under standard test configuration.

D. The optimizer does not generate new plans for the SQL statements for which the SQL plan baseline has been imported.

Answer: AC


Qustion No. 2

Which three statements correctly describe the features of the I/O calibration process? (Choose three.)

A. Only one I/O calibration process can run at a time.

B. It automates the resource allocation for the Automated Maintenance Tasks.

C. It improves the performance of the performance-critical sessions while running.

D. It can be used to estimate the maximum number of I/Os and maximum latency time for the system.

E. The latency time is computed only when the TIMED_STATISTICS initialization parameter is set to TRUE.

Answer: ADE


Qustion No. 3

View the Exhibit to examine the parameter values.

You are planning to set the value for the MEMORY_TARGET parameter of your database instance.

What value would you assign?

A. 90 MB

B. 272 MB

C. 362 MB

D. 1440 MB

Answer: C


Qustion No. 4

Which three statements are true regarding the functioning of the Autotask Background Process (ABP)? (Choose three.)

A. It translates tasks into jobs for execution by the scheduler.

B. It creates jobs without considering the priorities associated with them.

C. It determines the list of jobs that must be created for each maintenance window.

D. It is spawned by the MMON background process at the start of the maintenance window.

E. It maintains a repository in the SYSTEM tablespace to store the history of the execution of all tasks.

Answer: ACD


Qustion No. 5

The INV_HISTORY table is created using the command:


(inv_no NUMBER(3),

inv_date DATE,

inv_amt NUMBER(10,2))

partition by range (inv_date)

interval (numtoyminterval(1,'month'))

(partition p0 values less than (to_date('01-01-2005','dd-mm-yyyy')), partition p1 values less than (to_date('01-01-2006','dd-mm-yyyy'))); The following data has been inserted into the INV_HISTORY table :


1 30-dec-2004 1000

2 30-dec-2005 2000

3 1-feb-2006 3000

4 1-mar-2006 4000

5 1-apr-2006 5000

You would like to store the data belonging to the year 2006 in a single partition and issue the command:


FOR(TO_DATE('15-feb-2006','dd-mon-yyyy')), FOR(TO_DATE('15-apr-2006')) INTO PARTITION sys_py;

What would be the outcome of this command?

A. It executes successfully, and the transition point is set to '1-apr-2006'.

B. It executes successfully, and the transition point is set to '15-apr-2006'.

C. It produces an error because the partitions specified for merging are not adjacent.

D. It produces an error because the date values specified in the merge do not match the date values stored in the table.

Answer: C


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